Tips and Tricks for Spring Tree Care

Having a nice green yard is great, but when winter comes, it’s time to think ahead about what spring will bring you. You don’t need to be a specialist in trees to know that they also need care from you, as every plant needs if you have it in your garden.

This being said, there are a few steps that you can follow to make sure you have a beautiful garden when the next warm season comes.

Cleaning Up
You’ll see that when the leaves start falling, the trees remain empty and it’s easier to spot if there’s any critical situation – a branch that’s almost broken or if the entire tree needs to be removed. Wait until the spring comes, as that’s the right moment to prune the dead or unsafe branches, along with the ones that present any disease.

It’s also a good moment to weed the beds, cut the perennial plants and trim the fall flowering shrubs if you have any in your garden. It might take you a few days, but it will be worth it.

If you see any weak limb in your tree, now it’s the tame to help them. You can cable or brace any limb that’s weak – if it’s not possible, cut it and let the tree heal. This will help the tree stay safe during the severe weather. If it’s possible, you can install a lightning protection installation on treasured or mature trees, if you know the spring will bring severe storms.

Planting and Caring
When the winter is almost over, you can start planting new trees and shrubs. It’s a good time to improve your garden by adding something new to it. You can mulch the trees and shrubs; you can add new flowers to your garden and make sure everything is green during the summer. Fertilizing is also a necessity, so make sure you add the right fertilizer to your trees and plants. That’s a part of the annual program for taking care of your garden, so don’t skip it.

If you know the spring will bring you plenty of water, make sure there’s no situation where water can stand at the root of the trees and check for flood damage after the winter. Too much water will make any plant rot, so inspect everything as much as you can.